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Why Hit-Air?


Designed by riders, for riders.

Thanks to innovative, patented technology, Hit-Air offers riders advanced protection for the chest, neck, spine, lower back, rib cage, and vital organs. Our wide range of vests has an option for every rider and every discipline.

Hit-Air’s unique harness-style vests are lightweight and breathable, preserving your comfort and maneuverability while providing some of the most comprehensive airbag protection on the market. 

Unlike other air vest brands, Hit-Air vests have minimal inward inflation. When your Hit-Air vest inflates, you won’t get that “punched in the gut” feeling that air vests with a larger inward inflation component can create. Our mostly outward inflation also allows for a closer-fitting vest. Hit-Air vests are made to fit snug and close to the body, creating a slim and clean look.

Parents, are you looking for comfortable protection you can trust for your child? Hit-Air’s Kids vests have the lowest weight minimum on the market.

The team at Hit-Air strives to make air vest protection technology available to everyone. Our Hit-Air Original vest starts at only $499, the most affordable vest on the market.

Hit-Air vests can be worn for most disciplines and styles of riding. Below is a list of just some of the disciplines where riders are wearing Hit-Air vests.



Three Day Eventing

Show Jumping

Hunters & Equitation

Fox Hunting






Hobby Riding

A person riding on the back of a brown horse.
Two people riding horses in a field with trees
A man riding on the back of a brown horse.
A group of polo players are playing on the field.

Prioritize your protection with Hit-Air!