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Keep in mind that the "fit" size is not always right for everyone. Everyone has a different height, weight and size. Please contact us with your height, chest and waist measurements and we will see to it that you are fitted correctly. Vests are available in several color options. If you have a specific color option in mind that you do not see please contact us as we can have a vest made in your custom color!


All vest come with one CO2, Lanyard, Tool Kit and Directions.


**English saddles require a saddle strap - Western saddles do not need a saddle strap**

Hit Air Vests

Hit Air Kids VestHit Air Pro VestHit Air LV Vest

Standard $20 shipping on Hit Air Vest

Hit Air Kids Vest


Hit Air LV


Hit Air Pro M/XL and XL/XXL


Hit Air Advantage Air Vest


Hit Air Accessories

CO2 Cartridge BackgroundHit Air Vests CO2Hit Air Vest Directions and WrenchHit Air Vest Saddle Strap BackgroundHit Air Vest Saddle Strap

CO2 Cartridges


Saddle Strap


Directions Allen Wrench Set


Hit Air Equestrian Safety Hit Air Equestrian Safety Vest Hit Air Rider Protection Hit Air Advantage Equestrian Air Vest Hit Air LV Vest

Hit Air SV2


Hit Air Vest Key Ball Background Hit Air Vest Key Ball

Key Ball


Hit Air Vest Key Ball Background

Adjustable Bungee Lanyard


Bungee Clip Lanyard Background Hit Air Vest Bungee Clip Lanyard

Bungee Clip Lanyard