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"So thankful for the incredibly safe design of the Hit Air vest. It's so light and uncumbersome that I forget it's even there! On the few times it has needed to deploy I felt enclosed and protected. I’ve ridden in a few other brands that were hot and bulky and you couldn't wait to get off. With the Hit Air I find myself riding in it on a daily basis even at home when schooling because it's so light and comfortable it doesn't bother me. In moving up thru the levels with my horses I have a greater peace of mind on xc knowing my Hit Air is on and part of my safety"

-Lara Knight

"I'm not going out on xc of any level without my Hit-Air vest. It offers superior protection from neck to tailbone when inflated. I'm even more impressed how discrete and secure it is when deflated."

-Doug Payne

I love my HIT AIR vest!!

-Km Severson

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"I am finally returning to jumping after a fall where I was not wearing an air vest. I now wear my Hit Air vest everyday while I get back jumping. I do not want to risk anything setting me back again. I will certainly never again leave the start box without it!"

-Rebecca Howard

"I had been looking to purchase an air vest since earlier in the year when they were introduced in Aiken. The cost and size of the competitor's vest concerned me, so when Hit Air introduced their smaller and lighter product--which was actually the first air vest designed in the UK--at roughly two-thirds the cost, I thought I would give it a try.

At the end of the day, I do not think any one safety item will make riding ever completely safe, but I can tell you that after hitting the ground a few weeks ago I was able to pop up without any bruising or tenderness which was quite nice as none of us like to be banged up and sore!"

-Courtney Cooper

"Thanks to my Hit Air Vest I came away without even a scratch to my entire upper body after my intermediate horse fell on me at a competition.  There is no doubt in my mind, had I not been wearing my Hit Air Vest that I would have had serious injuries to my upper body."

-Dana Cooke

"I have been eventing for a long time and I love the added confidence that my Hit-Air vest brings me!"

-Susan Beebee

Hit Air Testimonials

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